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FO: Miralda’s Triangular Shawl January 22, 2009

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Artistic shoulder shot:
Otherwise known as an interesting way to show off the nupp and diamond detail.

My first FO of 2009!
Pattern: Miralda’s Triangular Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia.
Yarn: Dyed by Angeline. None of these photos are true to life. I have enough of a problem trying to work out whether the yarn is grey-green or green-grey that getting an accurate photo of it would drive me insane.

I received Knitted Lace of Estonia for Christmas and originally started Miralda on boxing day, but at some point after a couple of ciders I discovered that I had forgotten how to count to eight. So after ripping out the whole of the first chart I cast on again a couple of days later and sped through this project in two weeks. (Monogamous knitting FTW!)

Obligatory blocking shot:
I’m not sure that I can specifically recommend the back of the couch as a blocking surface but it did seem to work.

And I can’t forget the Draped Over the Plants shot:


Hello 2009! January 11, 2009

So, its been a while! I’d decided not to blog unless there were photos, and then I got too lazy to take the photos off the camera. Therefore no blogging. But I figure the new year is a time to start over, so here we go again.

To start, I’ve made some knitting resolutions:
1. Be a little more monogamous with my knitting. Its okay to have different projects for different situations, but there is no reason to have four different half finished pairs of socks on the needles when it would be quicker (and less confusing) to finish each pair in order.

2. Take photos of projects while they are being worked on. This should be more easily done because I will need blog fodder if I am blogging more.

3. Wherever possible, work on a UFO before working on a new (and therefore more exciting) project. Mostly so that I don’t get distracted by a new project and leave everything else languishing. Also helps with point 1.

4. Learn a new technique. Currently considering some sort of steeked project, possibly the Mushroom Pulse Warmers.

5. Spin for at least ten minutes every day. I’ve finally actually taken up spindle spinning after deciding that I should actually use the Featherweight (12g) Paduak drop spindle from Journey Wheel that I have had for years. I would really like one of their moosies but figure there’s no point if I don’t use the spindle that I have already got.

6. Only buy fibre with an end product in mind. That end product can be as simple as “a triangle shawl that will use up whatever yarn I manage to make from this pile of fibre” until I get to the point where I can spin exactly what I want for a project.

7. Finish my Tangled Yoke Cardigan — only sleeves to go. (Hopefully) finish the big white whale — its looking doubtful that it will be done by the retreat because I have had to rip back inches of border due to insect attack. Start and finish the vest pattern that I bought at the craft show last year so I can maybe wear it to the craft show this year. Start and finish the trout vest using the yarn that I bought at the retreat last year. Finish the edging of the princess shawl and pick up the 865 stitches for the next section by my birthday (march 28) — currently at 30 of 85 points so therefore 55 hours of knitting to go to reach that goal.

8. Enjoy my knitting. Realise that if I’m not enjoying knitting something then its perfectly acceptable to decide to rip it out even if its three quarters finished.


Tangling in progress August 25, 2008

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The photo above is from the end of the body ribbing of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan but I have just finished the second row of the cable chart. After reading other people’s accounts of trouble with sleeves I made an executive decision and will be knitting the sleeves downward from the yoke. Expect to read all about it if I post as often as I should!


Killer August 7, 2008

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Five days in to Death By Hat I am still alive. And I am a killer.

I’m not sure if I’ve got my head around the logic of where each hat goes — I think I need a chart — but I figure that I will face that when I need to.


FO: Slouchy Copy Cat Hat August 3, 2008

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Details: Death By Hat (1) aka Slouchy Copy Cat Hat in Cleckheaton Natural 12 ply on 4mm needles. The actual yarn is darker than in the photo.

Come monday morning it will be winging its way across the country and I’ll be stalking my post box.


FO: Florenz Socks July 24, 2008

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The Florenz socks have actually been done for a few weeks but I don’t like to blog without photos and I’ve been slack in getting the photos from the camera to the computer.


FO: Black and Blue Florenz in Patonyle.

I thought that the rolled top of the socks might be annoying but they’re not. I love these socks because they look a whole lot more complicated than they are — the worst bit about them is the corrugated rib.


Always half finished June 22, 2008

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I have currently knit the equivalent of three sleeves. Sleeve number one was knit up to the elbow before I decided to try it on and discovered that it was too tight. Sleeves numbers two and three were finished to approximate length until I discovered that I actually have two dyelots, one of which is ever so slightly lighter than the other. So off came the top three inches of the left sleeve. As luck would have it I had used the lighter colour in the middle of the other sleeve leaving me with a light coloured elbow band. Would’ve looked good if I’d planned it.

The left sleeve is once again finished. The right sleeve is again elbow length.


What you can’t see in the above photo is the No Mess Muffins I made for afternoon tea. There’s no mention of how many muffins the recipe will make, but I managed eight small ones even though six normal sized ones would probably be a better idea. Today’s were just plain with the ‘regular’ ingredients but I’m planning to cook them again using suggested substitutions.

The Florenz socks are coming along. I must admit to neglecting them a little bit in favour of larger projects that need less concentration. Its not that they’re difficult, its just that they’re not something that I want to put down part way through a repeat.


But I’ve turned the heels on both socks and its now downhill to the toes. Hopefully I’ll have them finished by then end of the week because there’s (yet another) sock pattern that I’ve got my eye on.



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